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why join datacite ?

Data are essential building blocks of scholarship and research. Being able to share data effectively is therefore extremely important. At DataCite, we develop and support tools and methods that make data more accessible and more useful.

We invite members from all types of organisations – including data centres, publishers, libraries, and funders – to join our global network committed to supporting data sharing through partnership, advocacy, and by developing tools and services that accelerate data sharing, use, and reuse. Together, we will be at the forefront of helping to transform scholarship and the role of research data in our society.

As a DataCite member, organisations show their support for research data sharing in the following manner:

- They demonstrate an elevated level of commitment to open-data and open research.
- They become part of a global data-sharing community, learning, collaborating, and advocating with a leading-edge network of data research experts.
- They support and participate in the creation and management of persistent identifiers (DOIs) for research outputs (Allocating Members only).
- They play a critical role in advancing DataCite’s data-sharing mission through their financial support.
- They can also shape the future DataCite – and data research in general – by serving on our Executive Board.

Data sharing for your organisation

Become datacentres

Data Centres

Data sharing is an increasingly important issue in the research community. At DataCite, we understand and share the specific goals of data centres, which include user-friendly submission processes, wider implementation of citation formats and standards, new cooperation services with publishers and libraries, and a common system of credit and recognition for data production and sharing. We also educate researchers in the mechanics and benefits of citing data.

Become publishers


Authors increasingly need journals to provide access to the data behind their research papers. At DataCite, we work with publishers to create, support, and promote the infrastructure for enabling data sharing and discovery (in particular, by facilitating partnerships between publishers and data centres/repositories). Together with publishers, we provide tools and services that help facilitate and promote data sharing, which, in turn, increases the impact, the number of citations, and the prestige of publications.

Become research

Research Institutions

Having an infrastructure for data preservation is easier – and more cost-effective in the long run – than data regeneration. Moreover, extending that infrastructure to boost data sharing allows research organisations and libraries to increase their level of support to researchers and other data generators. With DataCite, you have a partner for promoting the benefits of data sharing. We can also take an active role in working with publishers and data centres to establish an incentive system that credits and recognizes researchers for their shared data.

Become funders


In recent years, many funding organisations have mandated data sharing as part of their grant-funding initiatives. By providing a registry of DOIs, DataCite helps organisations overcome the challenge of tracking data related to funding and allows them to better understand the impact of their funding.

how to join datacite ?

Annual membership

DataCite membership is open to any organisation who support DataCite's data-sharing mission. Annual membership dues have been set at 2,000€.

Organizations that allocate DOIs must pay a service fee and member dues. This class of members are allocating members and they can be non-profit or for-profit organisations.


For non-profit allocating organizations, we propose a service fee that is based on two variables: the number of data centres the allocating member works with annually and the number of DOIs created annually by the allocating member and data centres associated with it.

Annual Fee for Data centres:

Range Fee
0-1 500.00€
2-5 1,000.00€
6-10 3,000.00€
11-50 6,000.00€
50 and up 10,000.00€

Annual Fee for DOIs:

Range Fee
0-10,000 500.00€
10,000-100,000 2,000.00€
100,000 and up 3,000.00€


For allocating members from for profit organizations we propose a service fee that is based on the annual revenue (self-reported) of the organization. For profit organizations will also pay member dues. In addition, we propose to also have a category for “start-ups” to account for newly established businesses. This category will be determined on a case by case basis.

Fee structure for-profits:

Type/Revenue Fee
Start-up 1,500.00€
<= 1,000,000 € 5,000.00€
> 1,000,000 € 15,000.00€

How to apply

If you are interested in a DataCite membership please fill out the application form and the member profile, and contact us at

- Application form
- Member profile form
- DataCite Statutes

if you only want to assign dois

If you are interested in obtaining DOIs for your organisation but you do not want to become a DataCite member, you can contact our current members to obtain the service. Each one of them may have different requirements or fees. If there is no member in your country, please contact us at and we will help you find the best provider for you.