Describe, disseminate, discover: metadata for effective data citation

This is a report on the second in a series of JISC-funded workshops, designed to support good data citation practices among the UK research community, which took place at the British Library on July 6th. The workshop focused on metadata for data citation and, in addition to a detailed look at the DataCite schema and how it was developed, featured presentations from a number of DataCite service users who have already incorporated the metadata schema into their workflows.

The workshop was very well attended by representatives from library, repository, publishing and research backgrounds, among others. The high level of interest in this topic seems to reflect the growing awareness in the UK HE community - partly driven by the recent mandates from the research funding councils - of the importance of ensuring that data is accessible and re-usable in the long term.

Workshop presentations can be downloaded from the British Library website. Read on for a summary of the day...

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