The DataCite Metadata Working Group wants to hear from you!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the evaluation of the pre-release version of the new metadata schema. The Metadata Working Group is also interested in hearing from the DataCite client community on an ongoing basis. We’d like to know about:

Announcing DataCite Metadata Version 3.0

The DataCite Metadata Working Group is pleased to announce the release of Version 3.0 of the Metadata Schema. Documentation for the new schema is available here. The DataCite Metadata Store (MDS) will accept Metadata Version 3.0 immediately. The MDS will continue to accept submissions using the prior versions of the Schema for the foreseeable future.
A full list of the changes can be found starting on page 4 of the documentation.

New ORCID-integrated data citation tool

A new beta service has been launched for searching and claiming works in DataCite:

DataCite Metadata Version 3.0 Available for Comment and Testing

The DataCite Metadata Working Group is pleased to present a new version of the DataCite Schema for review, comment and testing. We will be giving greatest priority to feedback from DataCite clients and members, but we invite the scholarly and research community to contribute to this discussion as well.

With Version 3.0, we have worked to respond appropriately to a large number of feature requests while adhering to our goal of remaining domain agnostic. As well, we continue to strive for simplicity wherever possible.


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