DataCite services

DataCite Metadata Store

The DataCite Metadata Store (MDS) is a service for data publishers to mint DOIs and register associated metadata. The service requires organisations to first register for an account with a DataCite Member. For information on setting up an account, see our 'Frequently asked questions'.

DataCite Metadata Search

DataCite Metadata Search is a service that allows people to search metadata for datasets registered with DataCite.

DataCite OAI Provider

The DataCite OAI Provider is a service that exposes DataCite Metadata using the Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting.

DataCite Statistics

DataCite provides statistics of the DOI registrations and DOI resolutions, filtered by Allocator, Datacenter or Prefix.

Test Environment

Additionally to the Metadata Store, DataCite has setup an environment for testing all our services including the DOI registration. The test environment is a closed system, i.e. DOI names registered here are not resolvable with any resolvers other than the one in the test system. To use the test system one of the DataCite members has to create an account for you.

Content Negotiation

DataCite's Content Resolver exposes the metadata stored in the DataCite Metadata Store (MDS) using multiple formats. It can also redirect to content hosted by DataCite participating data centres, thus it is possible to access data directly using a DOI.
Furthermore, DataCite joined forces with CrossRef to establish a working HTTP Content Negotiation.

DOI Citation Formatter

Another service created in collaboration with CrossRef is the DOI Citation Formatter.
This service creates different citation formats for DataCite and Crossref DOIs. User can choose from more than 500 different citation formats in 45 different languages.

Additional resources

Other DataCite resources support the use of DataCite Services.

DataCite helps researchers to find, access, and reuse data (Impressum).