Cooperation between DataCite and ResearchGate

We are happy to announce that the scientific network ResearchGate is now supporting DataCite DOI names for the scientific content of its members. Through cooperation of ResearchGate, DataCite and DataCite’s member TIB (German National Library of Science and Technology), scientists can easily integrate DataCite DOI names into their scientific profile. Furthermore they can even register new DOI names if they upload scientific content to ResearchGate.

DataCite Annual Conference - Programme update and deadline extension

Nancy (France) - 25 and 26 August 2014

Registration for the DataCite 5th Annual Conference is still open. This year’s theme, Giving Value to Data: Advocacy, Guidance, Services will highlight recent developments in the discovery, access and reuse of research data. The conference will celebrate the dramatic advances made in the way the research community works with data since minting the first DOI for data a decade ago. This is underscored by DataCite minting its 3,500,000th DOI (Digital Object Identifier) earlier this year.

ORCID and DataCite sign an MoU

ORCID and DataCite are pleased to announce their joint commitment to research data by signing a Memorandum of Understanding. ORCID and DataCite agree that data are essential building blocks of scholarship and research in the sciences, medicine, social sciences, and humanities. Researchers and scholars recognize the potential for increasing collaboration and synthesis when data are archived, published, and shared, forging the possibility for new discoveries built upon prior work.

What was that date?

DataCite requires only a small number of descriptive elements in order to register a resource for a DOI: the creator(s), title, publisher (defined as "the entity that holds, archives, publishes prints, distributes, releases, issues, or produces the resource), and publication year (defined as "the year when the data was or will be made publicly available.")


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