Harvesting DataCite metadata with arbitrary queries

We launched our OAI-PMH server about an year ago. The way to select subsets to harvest was via individual sets for each DataCite member and for each of their datacentres. It was possible for example harvest only the British Library (set "BL") or Pangaea (set "TIB.PANGAEA").

We are happy to announce that now you can selectively harvest by almost any custom query. This for instance allows you to harvest only datasets, filter by language, publication year or any combination of filters available in our Search service. Just built your query at DataCite Metadata Search. At the bottom of the result list there is OAI-PMH link.

We paid a lot of attention to be as fully OAI-PMH compatible as possible. We believe every OAI client can use this new feature. We encode the search parameter and use it as setname. Read more about the technical details, how to construct your own OAI query setspec, and more at DataCite OAI-PMH Data Provider.

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