DataCite Metadata Version 3.0 Available for Comment and Testing

The DataCite Metadata Working Group is pleased to present a new version of the DataCite Schema for review, comment and testing. We will be giving greatest priority to feedback from DataCite clients and members, but we invite the scholarly and research community to contribute to this discussion as well.

With Version 3.0, we have worked to respond appropriately to a large number of feature requests while adhering to our goal of remaining domain agnostic. As well, we continue to strive for simplicity wherever possible.

Third party applications for the creation of DataCite-metadata xml-files

At DataCite we aim to be as open as possible, facilitating access to our resources from third parties. In this context we would like to present three external tools that might be useful.

When we want to assign a DOI to a new dataset it is sometimes complex to create the XML metadata required. Christian Pietsch, from the Bielefeld University Library (Germany) prototyped a DataCite metadata creator in a Python web framework:

Research Data Netherlands collaboration launched

Today the 3TU.Datacentrum and DANS are kicking off the partnership Research Data Netherlands. With this coalition, which is also open to other parties, the two data archives want to join forces in the field of sustainable data archiving.

10 most popular datasets in March

Again it is time to present you the most popular datasets of last month,
based on . So here are the top 10 datasets of March , registered by DataCite.

Videos: Inside the Metadata Store

Inspired by conversations with potential DataCite clients, the British Library’s Datasets Team has produced two videos intended to demystify the inner workings of the Metadata Store.

10 most popular datasets in February

Following the success of publishing the most resolved datasets of January, we present you the
10 most popular datasets of February 2013, registered by DataCite:

DataCite statistics - 11 most popular datasets in January (update)

Some of you have seeen already that DataCite is offering a statistics page for some time now:
This page provides you with detailed information on how many DOI names were registered by which DataCite member or data center, and also offering information about "Resolutions per month".

DataCite General Assembly welcomes new members

From December 10th to 11th DataCite held its 4th General Assembly in Cologne, Germany. At this occasion two new members were elected: DataCite welcomes the National Research Council of Thailand (NRCT) as its 17th full member and the Bejiing Genomic Institute (BGI) as its 5th affiliated member.
The picture shows the Thai delegation: Soottiporn Chittmittrapap, Petchara Sungkhaworn and Namtip Wipawin in Colgne with Adam Farquhar, President of DataCite and Jan Brase, Managing Agent of DataCite.

DataCite Business Models Principles are online

DataCite’s Business Models Principles document is now available for download. Intended for DataCite members and their clients, the document looks at DataCite member and client responsibilities, as well as best practices.

DataCite Services

DataCite offers various services supporting the DOI registration and discovery of research data. These services include the Metadata Store, a statistics portal, the OAI-PMH Provider and many more. Please have a look at our Services website for more information!


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