DOI support for DSpace - Testers needed

The university library of Technische Universität Berlin developed support for DOIs in DSpace.
The plan is to get it into the next release DSpace 4.0. The developers would be glad if anyone interested in this feature could test it. To test it, it would be helpful if you're familiar with installing DSpace using its source release.

DataCite Summer meeting slides available

We are pleased to announce that the slides from the presentations at this year's meeting are now available. In a few days we will post the whole talks together with the audio.
See the slides after the jump.

DataCite summer meeting streaming

For those of you unable to come to Washington DC, the summer meeting will be streamed through:

Windows Media Player:


Hashtag on Twitter will be #datacite

In any case we will post all the presentations together with the slides soon.

The DataCite Metadata Working Group wants to hear from you!

Thanks to everyone who participated in the evaluation of the pre-release version of the new metadata schema. The Metadata Working Group is also interested in hearing from the DataCite client community on an ongoing basis. We’d like to know about:

Summer meeting programme finalised

6 weeks prior to the next DataCite summer meeting in Washington DC September 19-20 we are pleased to announce the publication of the final programme for the event.

Join us there to learn about the latest developments in data citation from Figshare, Force11, Thomson Reuters, Elsevier, CODATA and many more.
The full programme is available here, where you can also register for free.

We are looking forward to seeing you in Washington, D.C. in September.

Announcing DataCite Metadata Version 3.0

The DataCite Metadata Working Group is pleased to announce the release of Version 3.0 of the Metadata Schema. Documentation for the new schema is available here. The DataCite Metadata Store (MDS) will accept Metadata Version 3.0 immediately. The MDS will continue to accept submissions using the prior versions of the Schema for the foreseeable future.
A full list of the changes can be found starting on page 4 of the documentation.

Registration for the DataCite Summer Meeting is now open!

A draft program as well as the registration form for the DataCite Summer Meeting (Washington DC, Thursday, 19 September 2013 - Friday, 20 September 2013) are now available:

We are looking forward to see you in September!

EC public consultation on open research data

The European Commission recently held a public consultation on open research data. The President of DataCite, Adam Farquhar, had the opportunity to speak and highlighted the importance of identifying and citing research data. There were numerous DataCite members and data centres present.

Adam introduced the organization and highlighted how our data centres have assigned over 1.7 million DOIs of which over 270 thousand were assigned this year.

ODIN Codesprint at CERN

ODIN (ORCID and DataCite Interoperability Network) will hold its first community event at CERN from October 15th to 17th.

On the 15th and 16th there will be a codesprint to help assemble concrete demonstrations of the potential of open and interoperable identifier systems. The following day is reserved for a conference on the ODIN project. Both the codesprint and the conference are open to the public.

For further information and registration please visit


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